gingham and lace + watermelon cake.

gingham and lace for a
semi-wordless wednesday.

i saw photos of these watermelon cakes floating around during the 4th of july weekend, and most recently on Sisters Marie. since it's been hot and muggy, i decided to give it a try for a refreshing treat. i prepared it after everyone went to bed, and when they saw this pretty cake sitting in the refrigerator the next morning, they were so excited. mini-he couldn't wait to eat this cake. i made him wait almost the whole day, because i was scrambling to also make brownie cups [for brownie sundaes].

why? because i needed a back-up.

when i finally sliced the cake, mini-he was disappointed to see that it was just fruit, haha. he enjoyed the brownie sundaes while the rest of us enjoyed the watermelon cake!

 seedless watermelon is better, but this is what we had. i used extra creamy cool whip (instead of whipped cream), and it held up nicely. just make sure to pat the watermelon dry before applying, then top with whatever you like. super easy.

(Lulu's skirt (similar); Gilly Hicks shirt; Shop Lately necklace)

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in case you missed it, check out this fun #PerfectPop
app for making the perfect bag of popcorn:


family movie night with Pop Secret.

[this post is sponsored by Pop Secret;
all buttery fingers and opinions are 100% mine.]

this summer is all about spending time with family and friends. like many of you, i'm sure, one of our favorite things to have is movie night. we bring out all the pillows and blankets and enjoy our favorite Pop Secret popcorn and snacks.

however, there is nothing worse than the lingering smell of burned popcorn! (well, what's worse is if that was your last bag!) no matter how many windows you open or how many fans you turn on, you won't get rid of the smell. say goodbye to burned popcorn with the Pop Secret Perfect Pop app. this easy-to-use app listens to the pops, waiting for the precise moment to let you know when your popcorn is perfect. no more relying on the popcorn button or guessing how many seconds in between pops. with the Perfect Pop app, you can spend more time enjoying your movie than worrying about your popcorn.

have you tried the Perfect Pop app?

how Perfect Pop app works:

with your iphone, ipad, or ipod touch, download Pop Secret Perfect Popcorn app from the app store.
(it's optimized for iphone 5, but it worked fine on my 4s)

put your favorite family movie night popcorn in the microwave and enter the suggested time on the packaging. turn up the volume, point speaker towards microwave, and keep within three (3) feet.
start the microwave, then start the app.

learn fun facts as well as see what's happening inside your bag of popcorn!

Perfect Pop app listens to the pops and lets you know when your bag of popcorn is just right.

what movies are you watching this summer?
these are my oldies but goodies picks:
- dirty dancing
- legally blonde (1 or 2)
- sweet home alabama
- charlie's angels: full throttle

the kids have been loving:
- cloudy with a chance of meatballs
- frogs & toads: max's magical journey (netflix)
- despicable me
- nim's island

download the Perfect Pop app here:


beach whites.

summer seems to be flying by...
mini-he goes back to school on august 1st, and that'll be the end of our late nights and mid-week rendezvous. i look forward to each weekend and try to fill it with as many fun activities as possible. this weekend we're hoping to hit up a dinosaur exhibit, a [fashionable] night market, and the beach, of course!

speaking of the beach, i found my perfect cover-up from eshakti. the longer sleeves provide a bit of relief from the sun, the embroidered details give it a boho vibe, and i love how the ruffled hem moves prettily in the wind. unfortunately, the white sold out; it's available in orange here. if you want a similar white one, you can probably customize this one to have longer sleeves like the one i'm wearing.

they are currently having a summer clearance sale. plus, if you are a new customer, you get a $25 certificate that can be used in addition to the sale!

*update 7/22/14: the dress is now available in off-white here!

*this is not a sponsored post. while eshakti did send me an item to review (still working out some sizing issues), i purchased this particular dress on my own and love it.

(eshakti dress; lil coconut hawaii clutch (buy))

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yesterday i wore red.
today i'm going green.
mint, neon, hunter...

(neon raglan tee via [oomph.]; Lulu's skirt;

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did you enter yet?



an easy way to elongate and create the illusion of length is to go monochromatic. unless you have a matching set, it might be difficult to find two pieces that are exactly the same color, and that's fine. i actually prefer when the colors are slightly different shades; it adds interest to the outfit while still appearing seamless.

would you rock a monochromatic outfit?
if so, what color?

(studded v-neck via [oomph.]; patty's closet skirt;
i love sexy nude slingbacks; libi & lola necklace)

you might like these:

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J. Crew has great pencil skirts!

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