an [oomph] review. irresistible me diamond flat iron.

we always want what we don't have. as a kid, i had stick-straight asian hair. wanting curly hair, i remember trying to perm it a few times. that didn't work.

fast forward five years to intermediate school, and i now had slightly wavy hair with a bit of a frizz. now i wished it were straight. 

i've been ironing my hair ever since with either a curling iron or a flat iron. i was provided a Diamond Professional Flat Iron to review. its features and my thoughts are below.

this next-generation flat iron uses diamond hi-tech which coats its ceramic plates with crushed diamonds mixed with tourmaline. it claims to protect hair by retaining oils and moisture, and will provide longer-lasting styling against humidity and stress.

you can see the many features listed on the box above.

- adjustable temperature (up to 450 degrees F)
- super quick heat up (literally less than a minute)
- swivel cord (easy to move around)
- power/control buttons on inside (you won't accidentally turn it off or mess with heat settings)
- comfortable design (fits nicely in hand)

- auto shut off after 30 minutes. (mornings are a rush. sometimes i turn it on while doing other things to get ready. then when i'm ready to iron, i'll realize my hair is not getting flat...because it had turned off!)
- my iron doesn't close completely (there's a little gap, so you have to grab bigger sections of hair, which can take longer to straighten)
- although the plates are smooth to the touch, it doesn't glide smoothly along the hair for some reason.

before...washed and air-dried.

i don't like my hair too flat, so using a mid-range heat setting of 350, i'm able to iron out the slight waves in my hair while keeping some volume. in terms of frizz, i didn't feel that it kept my hair frizz-free longer. it is extremely humid here, and some days i felt as though my hair frizzed out as soon as i went outside.

overall, i liked the diamond flat iron and would recommend it to others. i can't say the diamond technology made my hair feel or look more shiny (compared to when using other flat irons), but it performed by straightening my hair. 

the diamond flat iron retails for $149 but is on (labor day) sale for $112!

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happiness [boutique] is.

...a great statement necklace.
every outfit deserves oomph-worthy accessories, delicate or bold. i'm loving this jasmine blossom necklace from Happiness Boutique which falls in between making it wearable even with a t-shirt and jeans. Happiness Boutique has cute clothing and accessories and an excellent selection of jewelry. i'm wearing the necklace with another great piece from a swap with my friend.

we have two storms headed our way which will probably bring more rain this weekend. please pray for those in florida and have a safe and dry weekend.

how do you wear your statement necklaces?
how's the weather in your neck of the woods?

(express dress via swap; lulu's shoes; justfab bag)

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black white and red.

this is one of those dresses that looks better on than on the hanger. i have a lot of striped mini dresses, so this longer length was a nice change. i love the uneven hem, the side slits, and the fact that this feels like a cozy oversized tee. rocking a bold red lip, because why not?

we have been having a slew of rainy days here with all the storms passing thru. this weekend i was at lanikai beach; it was beautiful one minute, pouring the next (if you missed it on periscope, you can still see it on katch)!
part two of kauai pics below.

how's the weather in your area?

(Rocksbox necklace; Avon lipstick 'eternal flame')
you can still use my code: rockoomphxoxo to try your first month free.
Kauai Shores Hotel, Kapa'a
our next stop was the hotel to check in. the grounds were decent with two pools and access to the beach below. an xbox console was provided in the room, DVD rental booths, and (good) wifi on the grounds. free parking (although very crowded at night when everyone is home), free outdoor yoga, and coffee and tea service in the mornings (actually, there were donuts, fruit, toast/cheeses as well!). an excellent place to stay for under $100/night.
Waimea Pier, "the landing"
i practically grew up on this landing. my mom flew us to kauai every weekend to visit my grandparents, and we would fish and cast crab nets...and take our catch home for dinner. this is a black sand beach.
Hanapepe Swinging Bridge
they have fixed this bridge since the last time i was here. it used to be a rope bridge, but wooden planks have now replaced that. it doesn't swing as it used to, but it certainly does shake...did you catch it on periscope?!!
(Patty's Closet dress c/o; Lulu's shoes; JustFab bag; Rocksbox necklace)

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