hair today gone tomorrow.

last year i started to take hawaiian astaxanthin while training for the marathon. it is a powerful antioxidant that supports joint and tendon health, among other things, recommended for helping muscles recover quickly after long runs. what i didn't expect was hair growth.

since my hair was always up while running, i never realized just how long it was getting. but, seriously, look at all this hair. this growth together with my ability to majorly procrastinate on scheduling [hair] appointments meant constant headaches from my increasingly heavy locks.

i have been know to chop off my own hair out of frustration, and oops, i did it again. here today, gone tomorrow.

(blessed project top; lips, LAQA & Co.)

you can learn more about BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin here.


details in black.

texture and details add oomph to this otherwise plain black sweater from Fevrie. i love simple and unfussy pieces, and this top is one you can throw on with jeans and heels for an easy yet pulled together look.

scenes from the weekend below.

after a long hiatus, they brought back a carnival to our neighborhood...so we went to show our support and get our fill of carnival food.
mini-she being a good sport by riding the
merry-go-round with her brother.
(dress rehearsal)
after four months of late-night rehearsals, we finally got to see mini-she on stage at opening night of her school play. she did great...i'm so proud of her.
(Fevrie mesh & quilted top c/o; Bebe necklace;
Patty's Closet shorts; lips: LAQA & Co. 'Doppelganger')


firm & tone 01. great aloha run (new PR).

it's become a tradition (three years in the making), getting together with friends on president's day for the 8.15 mile great aloha run.

this year, i was just coming off a month-long break from running and had only put in a few 2-3 mile runs before the race, so it was a good test of my current fitness level. i won't get into a lengthy race recap but will say that i was able to maintain a steady pace, run the entire course [walking only through the water stations], and gain a new PR (personal record) for this race.

with an official time of 1:36:10, i shaved off 14 minutes from last year's time. some people assumed that this might be easy after running a marathon. i wouldn't say it was easy, rather it was a comfortable distance. i will admit that it felt great seeing the results of my year of running.

prepped and ready for the early morning wake-up call.
shuffling like cattle to get to the start.
to the finish line.
crossing the finish line.
inside the stadium. 
post-race bloody ceasars. 

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