a week of coats. gold satin.

another oldie but goodie i'm pulling out of the closet. i bought this gold satin trench coat for a christmas party years ago, but never wore it. poor thing's been collecting dust in the nethers of my closet ever since. dressing it down here for a day of running around.

how would you dress down this gold satin trench coat?

(Pacsun denim; Nike Free 5.0; JustFab bag;
necklace via POPSUGAR must-have box)

in case you missed it:

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a week of coats. black velour.

one of my first and favorite coats, this one is both basic (black) and dressy (velour). i love wearing it during the holidays when it's chilly, because the velour gives it a festive vibe. but when the holidays have passed and the weather is a little warmer, dressing it down by throwing it over a sweatshirt and denim cutoffs seems like a viable way to get more use of it year-round.

in case you missed it:

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a week of coats. military.

having coats in Hawaii is a matter of want vs need. for the most part, we don't need them...but it doesn't stop us from wanting them. besides, there may come a freakishly cold day in which we might need one, right? at least that's how i justify them. i'm pulling a few out of the closet for this week of coats.

i used to love military coats (think gold buttons, structured, uniformed piping). the details on this one plus its navy color had a subtle military vibe.

(ricky's nyc nail polish)

a few to try:

for the guys:

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